Nature is my favourite artist ♥

Lanterns fit for the Woodland King… ❤ Picture by Sharon Johnstone ”Áyra looked up at the Woodland King. His cloak was woven of leaves of may hues; from the dark blood red of autumn leaves to the fresh green of spring saplings. But when Áyra blinked his eyes, and looked again, it was of rich blue velvet, studded with star-like gems. He sighed with surprise. … Continue reading Nature is my favourite artist ♥

Love is in the Air

When souls collide, new life is born… ”The Antennae” ”Two galaxies that pulled themselves together gravitationally and are now in the process of merging. When galaxies collide, since their stars are so small, they pass by each other without colliding. However, their gas clouds are larger and do collide, which results in a burst of new star formation. Most of the light that you see … Continue reading Love is in the Air