The garden of life

Maria carried the watering can up the steps to her little garden with effort. Shaded by ancient olive trees it was a tiny oasis in the hollow of the afternoon heat. She watered the flowering plants one by one, taking care to distribute the life-giving drops fairly: the petunias in deep magenta and purple, almost gaudy in their exuberance, the slender, dignified pink lilies, the … Continue reading The garden of life

healers incognito

Healers Incognito

When you regard all lifeforms as equal, sentient beings and don’t just pay attention to what your eyes tell you about a person, an animal, plant or mineral but listen to your intuition, you can open the door to some special meetings and experiences. The outer appearance of a living being is not always proportional to their true being and potential. Sometimes the relation between … Continue reading Healers Incognito

helende energie aarde healing earth energy

Healing energy of the earth

I noticed it before: you do not have to travel to Egypt, or England, or America to connect with the powerful energy of the earth. Of course, there are places where the energy is many times stronger. But for a little healing, sometimes you do not have to go further than your local park. There is a little park, in between Delft and Den Hoorn, … Continue reading Healing energy of the earth

helende energie aarde healing earth energy

De helende energie van de aarde

Het is me al eerder opgevallen: je hoeft niet naar Egypte, naar Engeland, Frankrijk of Amerika om verbinding te maken met de krachtige energie van de Aarde. Natuurlijk zijn er werkelijke krachtplaatsen waar de energie vele malen sterker is dan elders. Maar voor een beetje genezing hoef je soms niet verder te gaan dan je plaatselijke park. Er is een parkje, ingeklemd tussen Delft en … Continue reading De helende energie van de aarde

dancing exile past lifes reincarnation

Dancing in exile

Last week, I had the opportunity to clear some more personal ‘past’ life history when I chose from fear instead of trust. Every year, my heart takes me to the Greek island of my dreams, where I find inspiration for my books, where the ancient earth sings to me, the spirits of my beloveds greet me and the olive trees whisper ‘I love you’. This … Continue reading Dancing in exile