A healing journey with the fairies

For the Dutch version, scroll down below ♥ We may see fairies and elementals as beings we can only find in area’s of unspoilt nature. But if you have affinity with these beings, you can meet them in all sorts of unexpected places – like in this healing journey. An Inner Child in need One recent evening, I felt an Inner Child part of me … Continue reading A healing journey with the fairies

Past Life Henna

You might be amazed at the kind of effects past life experiences can still have on your life today. That is why I believe that to live fully today, it can be immensely helpful to look at yesterday to free yourself from old fear-based patterns that keep you from doing so. Of course, some old patterns may seem more ‘trivial’ than others… A client of … Continue reading Past Life Henna

Past life symptoms or present life ails?

I love LOLcats, and I was delighted to find there is even a LOLcat for those of us sensitive souls who can’t seem to get through life without bumping into the occasional past life. Especially when you are sensitive to energies, this might be more common than you think. What might seem like a symptom of, for instance plain old tiredness or a cold might … Continue reading Past life symptoms or present life ails?

A past life in ancient Greece

When I first travelled by chance to the Greek Ionian island of Kefaloniá , I was stunned by its natural beauty. As the author Louis Bernieres writes, the colours seem more vibrant there than anywhere else in the world. The colours, the smells, the atmosphere and above all the beautiful hills, mountains and seascapes overwhelmed me and woke something deep inside. It was there, inspired … Continue reading A past life in ancient Greece