Stand strong and shine

My new article is online at The Mindful Word! It is no coincidence that you ended up in a rationally-minded, not-so-sensitive family with your high sensitivity, clairvoyance or clairsentience. It is precisely here that you can learn lessons and work through old pain. This road presents a number of specific challenges. In this article, I consider both the obstacles and the opportunities that appear on … Continue reading Stand strong and shine

The Battle for Attention

In this day and age, when the last convulsions of the Piscean Age are being felt, when the old twisted energy of Pisces: illusion and corruption plays a big role, it’s all about marketing and attention. Attention is time. Attention is money. Attention is energy. Attention is the most important tool for creating your reality and manifesting what you want… or don’t want. The battle … Continue reading The Battle for Attention

The dance of Light and Dark: finding meaning in these challenging times

My new article is now online at The Mindful Word: THE DANCE OF LIGHT AND DARK: Finding meaning in these challenging times Once we start realizing how many institutions, companies and government bodies do not work from the mindset of what is best for humanity and the Earth, we may be astounded. These include: Companies propagating health while selling toxins and addictive drugs Businesses selling … Continue reading The dance of Light and Dark: finding meaning in these challenging times


Hoe ga je om met het kwaad?

Wanneer je geconfronteerd wordt met de vergaande corruptie, kwaadwillendheid en bedrog in deze wereld, is er een verschil tussen het kwaad die jou of je naasten persoonlijk raakt, en corruptie die je alleen raakt omdat je het ziet op TV, social media, omdat je erover hoort van anderen – uit de tweede hand dus. Maar dat laatste kan je wel flink triggeren in je oude … Continue reading Hoe ga je om met het kwaad?


De frequentie van het nieuwe

Zodra je tot de realisatie komt dat de meeste instituten, grote bedrijven, instellingen en overheden corrupt zijn, en dat al heel lang zijn, kun je een tijd lang ageren. Je kunt zelfs met ze in discussie gaan. Je kunt er tegenaan trappen, schreeuwen, protesteren, en op zich brengt dat zeker meer bewustwording voor anderen met zich mee. Sommigen die je zien ageren zullen denken: ‘’Hee, … Continue reading De frequentie van het nieuwe


When the cognitive dissonance gets too great When it becomes more painful to stay in your comfort zone than to step out and broaden your awareness That’s when people start moving. You only feel your chains once you start moving. And then freedom is the only option left to bear…. © Wendy Gillissen, 2020, authorPraktijk voor regressietherapie Continue reading Freedom