Reincarnation Q & A

I was delighted to be invited to write a Q & A column for Spiritualist on reincarnation! I will answer questions on past lives and reincarnation, spirit attachments, incarnated angels, and anything else pertaining to incarnation and the journey of the soul. You can read the ones that have been posted already – or ask your own! ☺ Happy reading! Continue reading Reincarnation Q & A

healing universe

The Healing Universe

We don’t always see it, we are not always aware of it. When we lose ourselves in the daily drama of life on earth, we often lose the bigger picture. But sometimes, especially when we are in a higher state of awareness and notice the synchronicities of life, we can see it: the Universe is alive and always works towards our growth and healing. I … Continue reading The Healing Universe


Soul archaeology: a past life love story

I have a fascination for the past. Even as a little girl I would wander about ancient castle ruins, one little finger trailing along the broken walls, my thoughts going out to the people who have walked amongst the same walls a long, long time ago. As if I was trying to connect with them. When I chose a University major I had to choose … Continue reading Soul archaeology: a past life love story

dancing exile past lifes reincarnation

Dancing in exile

Last week, I had the opportunity to clear some more personal ‘past’ life history when I chose from fear instead of trust. Every year, my heart takes me to the Greek island of my dreams, where I find inspiration for my books, where the ancient earth sings to me, the spirits of my beloveds greet me and the olive trees whisper ‘I love you’. This … Continue reading Dancing in exile

twin flame twinflame twin souls twinsouls reincarnation tweelingziel soulmate reincarnatie vorige levens

Twin flame signs ♥

In spirit, my Beloved is always with me. As I sit down to write this, I feel his energy lay a reassuring hand on my shoulder. He/she has travelled with me through the centuries, through time and space, and many times we have seemingly been separated. At one time, like so many of us, I even erroneously believed him to be embodied by someone else, … Continue reading Twin flame signs ♥

never forget nooit vergeten reincarnatie holocaust past lives reincarnation

Never forget

Scroll down for the Dutch version Fifteen years ago, when I underwent past life regressions to heal a past life as a girl who was experimented on and killed in a concentration camp, the internet was not as vast as it is today. After those sessions I did only a little research to find out if the gruesome story that had emerged from my past … Continue reading Never forget

Incarnated angels, ‘fallen’ angels and the incarnation process

My new article on incarnated angels is now live on! I assumed for years that human beings all choose more or less the same incarnation route: we are all part of the Source, blissful and undifferentiated. Then we choose the way of individuation and self-development by seemingly separating from Source and taking up the journey from Unity consciousness to Duality, which is often experienced … Continue reading Incarnated angels, ‘fallen’ angels and the incarnation process

Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥

Yesterday I dreamt I got a phone call from a friend of the family who has crossed over. She died in the same period my dad did. I hadn’t felt her presence since, nor dreamt her or sensed her in any way. I took the phone and she said in her typical, teasing voice: ‘It’s me, do you recognize my voice, eh?’ I said ‘Sure … Continue reading Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥