Why I don’t write fantasy

When I felt the call of my soul to start writing, I had to find a niche for my books to fit in. That’s how it works in the world of books. They need to be labeled. So, because they are adventurous stories, I ended up naming them fantasy. I wanted to have the freedom not to have to research historical details. Because in fact, … Continue reading Why I don’t write fantasy


Build back true

The plan of the dark side that I see unfolding, I have experienced many times, in various lives and cultures. But in essence it is always the same. Take advantage of the fears of a population. Traumatize the people so that they are susceptible to hypnosis, to all kinds of imprinting. To the Narrative the dark side of polarity wants to instil, the illusion with … Continue reading Build back true

Spiritual Warriors

Being a spiritual warrior has nothing to do with aggression, domination or resistance to the negative or not wanted. A spiritual warrior knows his or herself and doesn’t have to fight against anything outside of themselves. And if does come to fighting, a spiritual warrior fights from their calm centre – detached, honest and with an open heart. From: “Curse of the Tahiéra’‘ © Wendy … Continue reading Spiritual Warriors