Reincarnation Q & A

I was delighted to be invited to write a Q & A column for Spiritualist on reincarnation! I will answer questions on past lives and reincarnation, spirit attachments, incarnated angels, and anything else pertaining to incarnation and the journey of the soul. You can read the ones that have been posted already – or ask your own! ☺ Happy reading! Continue reading Reincarnation Q & A

Loony medicine: laughter as a gateway to the Divine

Today I woke up in a bit of a funk. I could attribute it to the weather, which is grey and droopy, but I knew better: I was on a low frequency due to something within me. I looked at all the tools that could help me assess what was the matter with me: an abundance of different sets of tarot cards and other divination … Continue reading Loony medicine: laughter as a gateway to the Divine

Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥

Yesterday I dreamt I got a phone call from a friend of the family who has crossed over. She died in the same period my dad did. I hadn’t felt her presence since, nor dreamt her or sensed her in any way. I took the phone and she said in her typical, teasing voice: ‘It’s me, do you recognize my voice, eh?’ I said ‘Sure … Continue reading Spirit loves to be acknowledged too! ♥

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Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

I assumed for years that human beings all choose more or less the same incarnation route: we are all part of the Source, blissful and undifferentiated. Then we choose the way of individuation and self-development by seemingly separating from Source and taking up the journey from Unity consciousness to Duality, which is often experienced as a shock, and incarnate as human beings. Imagine my surprise … Continue reading Incarnated angels – are you one? Traits and challenges of angels on earth

On dragons…

”The trees had dwindled into nothing, leaving only dusty earth and rocks, when Rom noticed a large stone structure in the distance. The path would take him straight to it, so he kept on walking. When he got closer, he could see it was a large open gateway made of big blocks of carved grey stone, and doors of heavy blackened wood. They were open, … Continue reading On dragons…

♥The Lovers’ Glances♥

From: the Search for Tzanáta, © Wendy Gillissen, 2014 ”The walk through the gardens calmed his senses. The meeting had only served to frustrate him further. Most Cáltoi of Tzanáta seemed blind and deaf to the warning signs, even when he outlined them to their faces. He shook his head, his eyes black as pitch, and breathed out in an attempt to release his anger. … Continue reading ♥The Lovers’ Glances♥