A new crystal friend

I do a lot of transformation work for myself and my clients, and every once in a while I feel the urge to treat myself to the assistance and company of a new friend from the mineral realm. This time my attention was drawn to Herkimer crystals. I remembered I had bought one years ago, but it was drilled horizontally and I couldn’t find a … Continue reading A new crystal friend

nachtmerries onbewuste dreams subconscious

Nightmares: the hidden treasures of the subconscious

We all have them: those dreams in which we are hounded by our fears and wake up just before we are eaten by the wild bear, attacked by scary assailants or plummet into the deep. When we wake up, we often discard those ‘nightmares’ as quickly as possible and dump them into the waste-paper basket of the night. But in reality, this tactic is not … Continue reading Nightmares: the hidden treasures of the subconscious

sneak preview Tzanáta

Sneak preview!

While I am writing the final chapter of my second book, The Search for Tzanáta, the sequel to my award-winning début Curse of the Tahiéra I thought it would be fun to share a sneak preview of the cover design for the new book. It is for the English edition. Both the English and Dutch editions will be published around the same time, with similar … Continue reading Sneak preview!