past life healing

Healing a past life to join the party!

The wonderful NDE (near death experience) I re-posted yesterday offered me the opportunity to heal yet another part of my soul that had been deeply hidden away. When I let the account of a wonderfully alive, wise and benevolent Universe … Continue reading Healing a past life to join the party!

Love is in the Air

When souls collide, new life is born… ”The Antennae” ”Two galaxies that pulled themselves together gravitationally and are now in the process of merging. When galaxies collide, since their stars are so small, they pass by each other without colliding. However, their gas clouds are larger and do collide, which results in a burst of new star formation. Most of the light that you see coming from these galaxies is due to new star formation.” Credit & Copyright: Star Shadows Remote Observatory and PROMPT/CTIO (Jack Harvey, Steve Mazlin, Rick Gilbert, and Daniel Verschatse) Continue reading Love is in the Air