false reality

False reality

  False reality Lately I felt obliged to read some blog posts, channellings and articles on the nature of false reality.  Personally I never felt drawn to reading many of these channelings, but because my therapy clients sometimes talked about them, and experienced pain and confusion because of them, I began reading some of the material. False gods Now there are a couple of things … Continue reading False reality


So I am preparing for my next visit to the Greek island that holds many past-and present life memories this late spring – and found this picture of a sea turtle that really captures the essence of freedom! To truly be who you are, without restrictions, without doubt, without shame, without trying to be what society wants you to be – to channel the essence … Continue reading Freedom

Karma bestaat niet

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.  Jung De laatste tijd heb ik het meermalen gehoord: regressietherapie cliënten die hun levensverhaal doen, en verzuchten: ”Ik moet wel iets erg verkeerds hebben gedaan in een vorig leven, dat ik nu zo’n zwaar leven heb. Het is zeker mijn karma.” Als ik dat hoor, gaat mijn haar overeind staan en weet … Continue reading Karma bestaat niet